KAIROS has only one dependency which is DOCKER. KAIROS can be installed on any platform supporting DOCKER. For a full list , you can consult this page.

KAIROS is delivered as a docker image. There are only 4 steps to install KAIROS

  1. Install Docker 
  2. Pull an image
  3. Create a container
  4. Start this container

The step 1 is described in the docker documentation (see the link above).

The step 2 can be very easy, if the server where docker is installed has an access to Internet. The command to run is:

docker pull gdsc/kairos

In that case, the "latest" version of gdsc/kairos will be pulled from the docker repository.

In case your server doesn't have access to Internet, you can "pull" the image from a server or a laptop having access to Internet, "save" this image to a tar file, "transport" the tar file to the system where KAIROS must be installed and "load" the KAIROS image from the tar file.

The step 3 can be accomplished with the following command:

docker create 


    --name kairos 

    -h kairos 



    -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup 

    -p 443:443 

    -v /Users/gdsc/Documents/kairos_store/data:/home/agensgraph/data 

    -v /Users/gdsc/Documents/kairos_export:/export 

    -v /Users/gdsc/Documents/kairos_store/files:/files 

    -v /Users/gdsc/Documents/kairos_autoupload:/autoupload 


-p options are used to forward ports between the host system hosting docker and the container being created.

Routing of port 443 is optional

-v options are used to mount within the created container directories belonging to the host.

The best practise is to avoid to have repositories within the container. They must be hosted outside. With this best practise, when you upgrade to a new version of the software, you don't have to export and import your data.

The last step (step 4) is to start the container. The command is

docker start kairos

kairos is the name specified by --name in the docker create command.

Once started, docker is immediately available to users. Of course, in a fresh installation, there is only one user available ("admin" user with "admin" password). From there, the administrator can change his password, create users and give them access to this server.

There is nothing to install on the laptop of the KAIROS user. Only a recent browser supporting HTML5 is required.